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356 vidcaps, 59min of video

Couples engage in innocent & not so innocent trysts. Consumed by their dark desires to embark on daring, physical sex, these thrill seekers experience the erotic pleasures reserved for those who like to play.

No need to sign a contract.

Are you and your lover ready to play?
50 Shades Of Hentai
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271 vidcaps, 64min of video

Adult Source Media breaks into their vault to present the hottest in Hentai history! Unleashed from the East, these exotic sluts know no boundaries. Prowling the streets of Tokyo, they feast on cock like Godzilla devouring Mothra! Don't let their innocence fool you, these girls are ready, willing & able to fulfill all of your fantasies!
Best Of Hentai
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367 vidcaps, 58min of video

Alice In Wonderland- A XXX Animation Parody, is a sexy medley of perverted hijinx that will enhance & expand your curious mind. Starring adult film Superstar Jessica Drake as the voice of Alice, you will be aroused and captivated by the sexual debauchery of Alice & her friends. Strap yourself in for a journey that delivers a unique, erotic adventure for the ages. The latest in animated erotica from Multi-Award-Winning animation studio, Adult Source Media.
Alice In Wonderland
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355 vidcaps, 58min of video

Long Legs, Bright Red Lips, on the streets of Tokyo or on the Sunset Strip.Trick or treat, cheaper than a lap dance, these hot young babes will put you in a trance.We've got Girls, Girls, Girls, babes you will adore, arched booty's, bodacious Ta-Ta's and Pink Lagoons galore!We love Girls who love Girls, It's a life worth living, Girls, Girls Girls is a gift that keeps on giving.
Girls Girls Girls
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225 vidcaps

The Erotic Worlds of Forbidden Lust & Taboo Desires collide in an explosive display of decadence. Bound by tradition & a secret desire to to push their sexual limits, these gorgeous girls feast on their darkest, dirtiest fantasies as they enter a universe of Fetish Play,Devious Domination & Sensuous Submission. Watch, as our parade of submissive sweethearts & Vivacious Vixens get tied up & teased in order to fulfill your dreams and quench your thirsty desires!
Bound To Please 02
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371 vidcaps, 62min of video

In life, there are many lessons to be learned...Lessons found, not by hitting the books, but by hitting some fine ass.A good teacher needs to be very flexible when instructing her students on educational values, especially when her star pupil asks to be taught how to pleasure his girlfriend so she can achieve ecstasy.It takes a mature woman to give a lesson in seduction; and class is now in session.
Lessons In Seduction
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408 vidcaps, 28min of video

He has fantasized about having his own personal maid for what seemed like a lifetime. But he lives in a single room apartment in the big city. His meager means provide him no chances in life. So his dream ends as a fantasy. But, you never know what will happen in life.
One day, a voluptuous maid appeared in front of him. She was his childhood friend and she was looking hotter than ever. Years ago, he told her of how he fantasized about the companionship of a maid and she believed his words. Now she would come back as a gorgeous maid and reveal to him her lifelong lust for him. Accepting her wishes to become his, he would begin his dream life. How his days and nights are wilder than he could have ever imagined. He had no idea what a dirty girl she had become.
Maid In Heaven
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416 vidcaps, 26min of video

Akio is now the master of the house, where six girls serve as his maids. He doesn't remember a thing about his past. Suzuran, the head maid, tells him that he's here for a reason. That night, however, a strange thing takes place. Akio's personality alters, and he transforms into a sexually charged and domineering master. Was it a dream?
Maids In Dream
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